You never know what will happen the next day. During their shifts at McDonald’s, these workers probably had no idea that something that would change their lives would happen…

When three female employees heard a woman screaming in the bathroom, they rushed in to help her without thinking.

The Atlanta McDonald’s workers didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary on the morning before Thanksgiving. That was until they heard a woman screaming in the bathroom.

The pregnant woman, who was not named, and her husband went to McDonald’s to get something to eat. She went to the bathroom and saw that her water had broken and that she was in labor. When she realized this, she screamed, which woke up both her husband and the people working in the store.

In a press release about what happened, McDonald’s said, “Three employees rushed to help her, and she gave birth to a healthy girl.”

Sha’querria Kaigler, Keisha Blue-Murray, and Tunisia Woodward were the people who worked there. The three women rushed to help the woman right away and were there for her while she gave birth.

Not only did they help her calm down, but they also helped her give birth safely. Helping someone have a baby when you have never done it before is not an easy thing to do and takes a lot of courage.

Steve Akinboro, the owner of the McDonald’s, said, “This is the best thing that could happen to my team.” He must be proud of the fact that the women who work in his restaurant go above and beyond for his customers.

He made sure to give them each a $250 gift card so they could have an even better Thanksgiving dinner. For the kind thing they did, they definitely deserve to have a great Thanksgiving break.

“These three Atlanta-based workers are great examples of how our team makes a difference every day for our customers and the communities where they live.” Officials from McDonald’s said.

Even though the mother and baby were not named, it was said that they were both healthy.

We wish the new mom and her baby, as well as the three female employees who went above and beyond their job duties to help a customer, all the best.