Bosnia and Herzegovina is where Vojin Kusic lives. The man is 72 years old, but he is still active and has a young spirit. This Bosnian man built his wife a house that is different from most. Not only does the building rise above the ground, but it also spins around a seven-meter axis.

Kusich said that his wife’s whims were what made him come up with such an unusual architectural solution. The woman always complained about the annoying view from the window, and she often set up repairs to fix the problem.

The first house that Mr. and Mrs. Kusic and their three children lived in was a normal one. At his wife’s request, the windows in the bedrooms faced the sun, but from the living room, you could see the road. Then, Voyin moved the walls because his wife asked him to.

But then the woman started to complain that she couldn’t see anyone coming in through the apartment windows. Even though the wife didn’t have time to ask for anything else, her husband decided to be a good knight and think of everything. He made a building that turned, so people could see different things from different windows.

Kusich said that his idea was not new. It only took a strong desire and a lot of free time, which the man had after his kids grew up and started doing their own things. But while the building was being built, Voyin had a heart attack. He begged the doctors to give him at least a year more to live so he could get his plan done. Since the architect was the only one who knew about the project, no one else could have done it.

Near the town of Srbac in Serbia is a building that is one of a kind. From its windows, you can see a corn field on one side and a river and a forest plantation on the other. The inventor’s wife can now change her mind whenever she wants. The speed at which the house turns can be changed. At the slowest speed, the house turns once a day. In the second case, the building turns all the way around in just 22 seconds!

Kusich was influenced by the ideas of Mikhail Pupin and Nikola Tesla. And not only was the house unique, but it was also safe. It can handle small earthquakes better than most buildings because it is more resistant to seismic activity. Voyin also jokes that his wife can keep unwanted visitors away by turning away from them and standing to the side of the door.