Rebecca Cubberly, a mom from Telford, England, found that she and her family wasted a lot of time doing dishes after dinner. So she put aluminum foil on her table and put the food on it. She likes it, but she keeps to herself and uses the time to rest.

We all like good food when it’s time to eat. But when it’s time to clean up and wash the dishes, all the fun is gone. More than anything else at dinner, because it’s the only thing that keeps us from going straight to bed afterward. This is where we find the famous “5-minute ideas,” most of which seem very strange and harder to solve than they are. But Rebecca Cubberly has found a way to clean up the kitchen quickly so she can go to bed. This English mom’s trick is to put aluminum foil all over her table. She also doesn’t use plates or silverware. So, he and his family of four can eat in peace without having to worry about cleaning up.

Even better, it’s self-service. Rebecca put five strips of aluminum foil on her dining room table and then put ground meat, vegetables, nachos, cheese, and burritos on them. She didn’t have to wash 5 plates, a frying pan, and utensils when she was done eating. Instead, she only had to wash her knife and cutting board. She cooked her meat in a deep fryer. With the air fryer, you didn’t have to wash the pan, but you also saved time, which you couldn’t do with aluminum foil.

She took the chance to take a break while her husband Karl gave the kids a bath. When he posted about his new trick on social networks, people had different thoughts. Someone said, “There are no plates, but it will be in a landfill for up to 400 years.” Rebecca said she had recycled the paper, but others thought it was trash. It was a great idea and very interesting.