When you can finally tell your partner that he is going to be a dad, it is a very important moment.

More and more mothers are getting very creative with how they tell others about their happy news. Nikk Rock didn’t do anything different from this pattern. She wanted to do something that was completely different from what she usually did.

So, she went to the local government and asked for help setting up a vehicle trip that would be unforgettable.

They were going for a drive when a police officer pulled them over.

Wright was driving at the time, and he gave the impression that he didn’t know why he was pulled over. When Wright walked up to the car where Todd Colichia was sitting, he knew right away that it was his friend. Even so, Wright continued to feel uneasy throughout the day.

After chatting with them for a while about nothing in particular, Colichia asked how they were doing before telling them why they were stopping.

He told Wright that he had pulled them over because Wright was driving with a child in the car who wasn’t in a child safety seat. Wright said that he didn’t have any children of his own after he said he was confused. The officer asked him several times if he was sure about what he said.

The next thing he did was give a wink to Rock, who, unbeknownst to Rock’s wife, had been taping the whole conversation. She was also holding up a test to see if she was pregnant.

Wright’s face changed as he turned to look at her because he was just starting to realize what was going on. Rock later confirmed that they are, in fact, driving with an infant in the car without a safety seat for the baby.

In the meantime, Colichia began to tell the father-to-be that he was happy for him.

Then, Colichia’s friend appeared on the passenger compartment window with a big bag full of gifts for Wright. It turned out that Wright would get two gifts from the baby because it was due on his birthday. When Wright pulled out a small teddy bear, a note attached to it said, “Dad, see you on your birthday.”

When the couple found out they were going to have a child, Wright was very happy.