Ryan’s only wish when he was 7 was to have a family that loved him. He went to an orphanage when he was 2 years old. Parents gave up on the boy, and neighbors had to take care of him for a while. After that, they put him in an orphanage nearby, which became his home and his family from then on.

But it wasn’t what the boy had imagined. He didn’t have the love, attention, and warmth that most people have in their homes. At the orphanage, he didn’t really do anything. Ryan was always very quiet, which set him apart from the other kids. The staff thought he was a strange child who didn’t talk. Ryan was always alone because none of the other kids talked to him.

One staff member said to another, “I don’t get that boy.” “He never talks and stays to himself.”

Someone else told him, “I think he’s deaf.” “It’s weird that he doesn’t even play with the other kids.”

The kids who lived in the orphanage went to a candy store one day. Ryan was also one of them. When the kids went to the store, they met the owner, Charles, who was very friendly and showed them around. Ryan was very interested in how chocolate was made. He took part in it willingly. As he made chocolates with great enthusiasm, Charles watched him and made a note of something.

“You’re good at making candy,” Charles said to Ryan as he turned to face him. The boy did nothing but smile back.

Saturday came after that. The day guests came to the orphanage made it a special day for everyone who lived there. People who wanted to adopt some of the children were among them.

Ryan went out into the yard after he had done all of his usual morning tasks. At that point, all the adults, potential parents, and orphanage kids had already gathered there. Ryan started to pay attention to what was going on.

He told himself, “I know no one will take me in. Who needs a boy who can’t talk?”

Ryan cried when he saw the adults and children. He kept crying, and all of a sudden, someone gave him a box of chocolates. The boy was very surprised by the gift, and he didn’t know who could have given it to him. Ryan saw a note in the box.

It was Charles, the candy shop owner. Ryan read, “Hi, Ryan! Yesterday, I watched you at the candy store. I liked you from the start. Would you be willing to join my family?”

Ryan’s smile lit up his face. He looked around and saw Charles standing close by. After a long hug, Ryan and Charles left the orphanage.

As more time passed. Charles was like a father to Ryan. He taught him how to do his job. However, Ryan still did not speak. He could talk to Charles by writing and making hand signs. But Charles didn’t let this stop him. He really cared about Ryan. Charles and Ryan worked together in a candy shop, but they also went for walks and talked about their lives. Ryan then found out what had happened to Charles.
Charles said he used to have a wife he loved, and that they both wanted kids. But their house was destroyed when Charles’s wife died in a gas explosion. Since then, he hasn’t been married. Charles said, “I couldn’t picture having anyone else by my side but her.”

Charles said that Ryan made him think of the son he and his wife had once hoped to have. He chose Ryan and made sure they were together because of this. Ryan’s eyes filled with tears when he heard the words, and he gave Charles a tight hug.

“I love you, Ryan. Charles said, “I’m so glad to have you in my life.”

They were very close to each other. Ryan’s baking skills were so good that by the time he was 15, he was called the youngest pastry chef in history.
Ryan and Charles had no idea that a huge cloud was going to be coming over them soon. Ryan’s biological mother, who had left him and not cared about him for a long time, showed up.
The woman said that she really wanted to be with her son once more. She didn’t want to give up her son, but she had to. The boy’s father insisted on leaving the child because they didn’t agree on something. Now, though, she was free to go because she was no longer with her husband.

Ryan was very sad. He wrote in a note that he didn’t want to leave Charles, but the mother was firm.

She went to court because she wanted to fight for the right to her son. The legal battle went on for a very long time, and people were interested in what was going on. During the process, Charles talked a lot about how much he loved and cared for Ryan. He said he didn’t want to lose the boy because he was like his real son, something he had always wanted.

But Ryan’s mother also wouldn’t give up. She said she really missed her son and did everything she could to find him. Even though some of what she said didn’t make sense, the woman insisted that no one else could take good care of the special boy. She was not sure why Charles wanted to adopt a child who couldn’t talk.

The woman said, “You took a child who couldn’t talk.” “That will definitely cause trouble.”

“I’m going to say that it was guaranteed. I was sure that my son would love me,” Charles said.

Ryan’s problems with the law went on for a long time. But the day of judgment had come. As the judge said, the choice would be based on what Ryan wanted. The judge gave the boy a piece of paper and a pen so he could write down who he wanted to live with. After following all the rules, Ryan was given the chance to speak.

Ryan said, “Daddy,” and he pointed to Charles.

He ran over to Charles right away and clung to him with all his strength. At that moment, everyone in the courtroom cried. It was a very sad event.

The judge said the boy could stay with Charles, so he did. Since then, Ryan and Charles have been together and have been happy ever since. Father and son had happy times together and went on brave adventures.