When a three-year-old boy went missing from his home in Florida, it was a scary thing for his parents to find out.

Marshal Butler, who lives in Ponce de León and has autism, hasn’t been seen since June 3, 2020. This has led to a desperate search by the police. The last time the toddler was seen, she was only wearing a diaper and was with the family’s two dogs, Nala and Buckwheat. This didn’t give the family much comfort.

Marshal was found safe with the family dogs, who wouldn’t leave his side, after hours of searching, according to WJHG.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office asked people to keep an eye out for him on Facebook.

The last time the child was seen, they were only wearing a diaper, the post said. A K9 team has been called in to help with the search.

Marshal’s family was very worried because they knew that he wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone he met because he has autism.

Marshal’s aunt, Kayla Stewart, said that when the family heard that the toddler had gone missing, they were “terrified.”

She told WJHG, “We were scared.” “Their minds are filled with all kinds of worst-case scenarios.”

Marshal was found near a river, about a mile from his house. He was covered in dirt, but other than that, he was fine. He was also with the family dogs, who didn’t want to leave his side.

Neighbor Carol Shelton said, “Both of his dogs were right there with him.” “We’re glad that the puppies helped him find his way. I guess that means they kept him safe.”

Marshal’s family said they were very happy to get him back and were very proud of their two loyal dogs who helped keep him safe.

“They’re doing their job,” Marshal’s mom told him.

The sheriff’s office wrote a Facebook post to let people know that Marshal had been found safe.

The post has since gone viral, with more than 3,000 reactions and 1,500 shares. It said that the boy’s dogs had stayed with him.

“So glad to hear he was safe,” wrote one person. “It’s so cool that the dog was with him when he was found! He was always there to protect him. Dogs are such kind creatures!”