How many times have you looked up and seen a shape you’ve seen before? Maybe the clouds looked like the ocean, or maybe they were a dog.

You can see cats, birds, and scary monsters if you have a good imagination.

The sign you need isn’t always the one you’re looking for.

Danny and Carmen Ferraro were driving on Highway 105 outside of Montgomery, Texas, when they looked up and saw something that made them stop and think.

As the sun came up and lit up the clouds, the shape of an angel could be seen. Even the halo looked like it belonged.

Danny took a picture of the clouds right away and put it on Facebook, where a lot of people were amazed. It was called the “Texas Angel” by him.

“On Monday night, we were going to deal with more family problems, which we really didn’t want to do. As soon as we turned west on Highway 105 in Montgomery, I saw the cloud formation and bright sun rays right in front of us. I told Carmen, “Wow, look at that!”

“We both saw the angle and thought it meant everything was going to be fine. I just had the feeling that God was telling me, “I’ll always be with you.” I don’t know how many other people saw it, but I’m sure that for everyone who did, it meant something special…

It only lasted a few seconds, but I pulled out my phone and the first picture I took was amazing,” Danny told NBC.

Danny wondered if this cloud pattern could be a sign.

Since he and his wife believe in God and are Christians, the stunning photo seemed to be God talking to them.

But no matter what you believe, this picture shows that life is a beautiful ride, and if we’re lucky, we can sometimes feel like angels are shining on our faces.