Women are used to feeling afraid and figuring out what the risks are in every situation they face.

Women are always aware of their surroundings and afraid of what might happen. This is true whether they are walking down a quiet street or walking back to their car in a parking lot at night.

As one woman walked around New York, she noticed that three men were walking behind her.

As she ran to get home, they kept following her, and when she noticed how quiet her surroundings were, she started to feel scared.

Then she saw a man and thought that if she didn’t try to get help, it might be her last chance to get to safety.

The woman went up to the stranger, gave him a tight hug, and whispered, “Please act like you know me, three guys have been following me for a while.”

Dane Weeks was looking at his phone when she did what she did, which surprised him. Then she grabbed his hand and walked with him the three blocks to the woman’s house, where she told him she had to go back to her son.

He also found out that the woman had tried to get away from the men by going into a store, but when she came out, she saw that they were waiting for her outside a restaurant.

Dane went on Twitter after the incident to thank the woman for showing him what women and girls go through every day.

He told her he was sorry that she had to feel that way, and he wrote on Twitter, “She said, ‘You’re feeling like this, now think about how every girl and woman feels.’

“I also appreciate that she introduced me to the world of women.”

The woman told the man that the men had followed her off the train when she was going home late from work.

She told Dane, “Please accept being my hero that night. I really thought my son would have been without a mother and my mother would have been without a daughter.”

Dane’s tweet got more than 370,000 replies.

“I didn’t think this post would affect so many people, but I had to let out this feeling and share it on my account,” he said.

“It’s sad that women and girls have to live with this kind of fear because men have made the world a dangerous place. I’ll try harder.”

As women, we can all relate to this feeling. It’s the feeling that we have no control when a man with bad intentions comes into our lives. It’s sad that she had to put her safety in the hands of a stranger.

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