This little girl seemed to be doing something different than the other kids in her class, who were all moving to the music. Even though all the other parents could hear the cute words of the Christmas song, these parents liked it in a different way.

Since her parents are deaf, she probably learned sign language as a child so she could talk to them. And whether or not her parents asked her to sign, she made them proud either way.

Just look at how clearly she signs and how cute her face looks while she does it. She’s too cute and has a lot of skills. The web seemed to agree. The video has been watched more than 10 million times, making it a future star.

She is very sure of herself to go up there with her friends and sign while they do something else. So that her parents could enjoy it as much as everyone else, she put on her own show for them.

As a parent, it’s very special to see things like this, but I bet this was even more special for her family. God bless her eager little heart! Keep making the world more welcoming for your parents, because we could all learn something from you.