But things didn’t work out in his personal life, so he decided to take a little girl from an orphanage. He chose a girl who wasn’t quite like other girls. The child was born with a bad diagnosis.

It took the man a long time to get the paperwork together because it’s not easy for a young man to take care of a child on his own. But he tried his best and did well. As it turned out, the baby’s parents left her as soon as she was born, and none of the people who wanted to adopt her could accept the diagnosis.

Our main character did not let the problems stop her from taking care of the girl’s life. He treats his adopted daughter like a princess and gives her as much time as she needs to feel like a normal child.

Now that the girl is older, she is making great progress in her growth. And her father has become well-known on Instagram because of how good he is at writing. Luca’s first book came out not too long ago, and people on the Internet loved it.