There is nothing else like the bond between twins. Many documentaries and scientific studies say that twins can feel each other’s pain and happiness. A lot of the time, their relationship has special, telepathic qualities.

When you have a twin, you have a friend for life. Even when things are the worst, you can always count on someone. But even better, you’ll have someone to laugh with, like these two adorable babies who made us melt.

All they have to do to laugh is look at each other. Their laughter is so loud and infectious that we can’t help but laugh along with them. Their parents must be so happy to have children who are so happy.

Laughter really is a medicine. When you make someone laugh, you can see their spirit light up with happiness, and before you know it, you’ve connected with them.

I like to laugh with my husband, and if things get bad between us, the laughing is usually the first thing to stop.

But there are a few times when people just can’t stop laughing.
Most of the time, I laugh nonstop when I’m really tired late at night, but that’s not always the case.

One thing is true, though: it’s my favorite kind of laughter, and I think the adorable babies in the video below know exactly what I’m talking about.

When these twins, who are 11 months old, looked at each other, they couldn’t stop laughing. They are twins, so they already have a special relationship. This cute little laugh session brought them even closer together when they both started laughing every time one of them looked at the other.

Once they started laughing, they couldn’t stop, and they kept making each other laugh more and more until everyone in the room was laughing too.

Now, keep an eye on the baby on the left. I can’t stop laughing either.

It’s so funny how they just can’t stop laughing while tapping their little hands on the floor. Oh, these two sure know how to have a good time.