Grandmas are the best, and no one can argue with that. They love and care for their grandchildren so much that they would do anything for them.

Moms have to deal with all the responsibilities of being a parent every day, but grandmas only have to think about how much they love the kids and aren’t afraid to show them as much love as they can.

But the video below has been seen by millions of people because a young boy answers a very important question.

Someone with a camera asked him about his grandma, whom he calls “MamMa,” who is 100 years old.
The person specifically wanted to know why the boy in the cute martial arts uniform thinks God made his grandmother.

His answer is making waves on the internet.

Even though the boy thinks he knows why God made grandmas, science backs up what he says.

Researchers have looked into why grandmas are the best and come up with a lot of proof.

Psychology Today says that grandmothers are less stressed out around kids than they were when they were parents.

You’ll see grandmas letting things go much faster than a child’s parents would.

They don’t mind if the child misbehaves and are happy to give them a sweet treat even though it is against the rules.

If it were her own child, grandma might have gotten angry, but since it’s not, she can handle the situation with ease and calm.

Grandmas can also focus on the fun things about being a parent.

They don’t have to worry about buying diapers, getting health insurance, or deciding where the child should go to school.

Grandmas get to have fun and do all the fun things, like take their grandchildren to all-you-can-eat buffets and the movies.

Even though there is a lot of evidence that grandmothers are good, this little boy has his own ideas that he wants to share with the camera crew.

We could tell you all of the interesting things he has to say, but you should watch the video instead. It will tell you what he thinks about his mother. And you’ll really like it.

Children should spend as much time as they can with their grandparents. They make the best food and give love like it’s falling from the sky. But they also love their grandchildren very much.

They will be there with them, and because they have been there before, they will have more patience than a parent might.

And it’s been a while since they’ve had a baby or young child, so it’s nice to be reminded of all the good times they had when they were young parents.

Grandmas can also teach their grandchildren a lot about how to live.

They’ve been around longer and know more about the world than most people.

They can help teach the child what to do and how to get along in life. People haven’t changed much since they were young, even though a lot of things have.