Birthmarks have always been interesting to people. Many birthmarks are passed down and can look different. Because of this, many people have started to wonder what their birthmark means spiritually.

People say that if you have a heart-shaped bookmark, you are likely to have a life full of love. Cinar Engin is a very special baby from Turkey who has a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. These words have never been more true.

If Harry Potter is known for his scar that looks like a lightning bolt, this baby will always be remembered for the heart on his forehead. Cinar Engin’s heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead was first noticed by his father, Murat Engin. He told the newspaper:

“I saw the birthmark on his head for the first time after a nurse cleaned up the blood on his head. I was really taken aback. When I got close to his head, I could see what a great heart he had. It was hard for me to hold back my tears.”

It was almost as if Cinar was thanking his parents for bringing him into the world. He was the talk of the nursery, and many of the hospital workers asked Cinar’s parents if they could take a picture of themselves with the cute baby.

Cinar, who is 14 months old, is the first person in the family to be born with a special mark.

Many people have called him the “Love Baby” because of this. Cinar has also gotten the attention of people he doesn’t know because a lot of people stop him in public to take a picture with him. Murat sent his son this sweet message:

“It was like a present from God. We didn’t feel bad about anything. We think that he was given his chance at birth.”

When you look at a picture of the little boy, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to him. He can make anyone feel like there is still pure, honest love in the world.

When inar Engin was born in 2015, his parents, Murat and Ceyda Engin, were happy that he was healthy and happy. But they didn’t know everything about inar, and it didn’t take long for Murat to figure that out.

While the baby’s face was being cleaned by a nurse after it was born, the parents couldn’t take their eyes off of their new blessing. When Murat saw a red mark on his son’s forehead, he was shocked.

Murat got closer to baby inar and looked at how his skin was pink. Then, when they saw the mark he would have for the rest of his life, the parents’ eyes filled with tears. Murat spoke up:

“I was really taken aback. When I went to close his head, I saw what a great heart it had.”

The happy parents loved that inar was born with a birthmark, but they didn’t know how it would affect his life. People liked their son so much that they gave him a special name.

As nurses crowded around baby inar, they took selfies and looked at the perfect heart on his head with amazement. One of the nurses yelled, “Help!”

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it! He is a love baby!”

The boy’s parents soon found out that both he and his birthmark were gifts from God. No one else in inar’s family had a birthmark like his, and his dad, Murat, said, “None of us felt bad about it.” We think that he was given his chance at birth.”

People wanted to meet inar, and whenever they saw him, a lot of fans stopped his family to say hello. They loved taking pictures with him, and everywhere he went, he spread happiness. Murat added:

“Everyone smiles at us and loves him when we go out. Because it looks like a heart, all of our friends are interested in his birthmark.

When the family took inar to the doctor for regular checkups, the staff knew him right away. “Hearted boy” was another name for him.