He sounds like his dad so much.

Most people think “Always on my Mind” was written by Willie Nelson.
In fact, Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson wrote it in 1972, and Gwen McCrae sang it.

Elvis Presley was another artist who made the song popular and made it a hit in both country and pop music.

However, many of Willie Nelson’s fans love the way he sings it.
Nelson has a way of making almost every song he sings make you feel something. His voice is so pleasant to listen to and full of life.

It turns out that Lukas, Willie’s son, also got the performing bug. He used to tour with his famous father, but now he has “Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real,” which is his own project. His songs sound like those of his father, but you can tell that he’s made his own way in the music world because he has his own voice.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t also love singing his father’s songs.

He is proud of his dad and everything he has done in his life.
I mean, you would be too, right?

Lukas decided to play a stripped-down version of “Always on my Mind” with some other talented musicians during a casual jam session one night. With only a piano and a trumpet to back him up, he let his voice soar.

And it’s beautiful.

A song that is put together in a simple way is so charming.

Performing music is a lot of fun. It’s such a nice way to let go. Even if you don’t think you have a good voice or can’t play an instrument, it’s still good to try once in a while. Not every great musician was known for having an angelic voice. Sometimes it was more about how the songs were written or how they made people feel. Just look at Bob Dylan! So many people like his songs, but he isn’t always known for having a “good” voice.

But, like his dad, Lukas has a great voice.