Simon Cowell is known for being a harsh and outspoken judge on high-profile talent shows. He is also good at finding people with real talent. Celine Tam, a 9-year-old with talent, quickly got the audience on their feet and Simon’s attention, even though he didn’t think much of her at first.

She named her daughter Celine Tam after one of her favorite singers, Celine Dion. Many adults who try to sing Celine Dion songs on shows like “America’s Got Talent” aren’t as good at music as the legendary singer.

But little Celine Tam showed almost as soon as she got on stage that she could sing the songs of the famous Celine Dion.
She chose to sing “My Heart Will Go On,” which was one of the first Celine Dion songs that her parents ever saw her sing. Her parents said they were big fans of Celine Dion and that they named their daughter after the singer.

They didn’t think that their young daughter Celine would be as good at music as Dion. Over time, they learned about their daughter’s voice and helped her develop it. After putting all of her time, effort, and money into it, Celine Tam finally got the chance to show off her amazing skills on America’s Got Talent.

As soon as the girl started singing this Celine Dion song live, the crowd knew she was good and stood up to applaud. After her performance, it was clear that her talent had also impressed the judges.

Celine Tam did a great job singing a very hard song. Her voice was beautiful and strong, as well as smooth and clear.

This family still likes to sing together to Celine Dion songs. It’s not a big surprise that the couple named Celine’s little sister Dionne. It’s too early to tell if little Dionne will be able to sing as well as her older sister.