Think back to when you were young. Have you put your mind on your job? Or did you only care about toys, trinkets, and going on adventures outside? Well, if you’re that kid, you’ve put your whole life into making it in the music business. He had been training for this moment for months, and he had planned every detail in his head. Now is the time to get things done.

When Shaney-Lee, a cute seven-year-old, went on Britain’s “The Voice,” he won the hearts of the audience right away with his charm. In true cowboy style, the little redneck rode his horse to his audition, making a lasting impression on the crowd he had already won over. Shaney grabbed the microphone as he got ready to shock the jury. His mother had said that he was a “old man in a little person’s body.” As he got ready to show the judges the results of his hard work, dedication, and practice, his heart pounded in his chest. The crowd went crazy as soon as the first note was played.

As soon as they heard the little boy’s voice, the judges couldn’t help but smile. They looked at each other in surprise. Not only did her voice “sound” cute, but she also had a strong presence on stage. Shaney’s version of “Take Me Home” by John Denver was so beautiful that the crowd couldn’t help but applaud and smile. Everyone could see that Shaney was going to be a big deal in country music.