Allan became depressed and almost gave up on life after he lost his daughter and then got a divorce from his wife. Allan would find something to live for again after saving a little girl from a fire.

Allan had stopped looking forward to the next day and life in general. After his daughter Alice died in a car accident a year ago, he had to fight every day to keep going. His wife left him soon after Alice died, and things went from bad to worse after that.

Depression had become a daily struggle for him, and the only thing that kept him going was knowing that Alice wouldn’t have wanted him to give up. So, he fought the urge to quit and went to work every day, hoping that the next day would be better.

When Allen was walking to work one day, he saw a group of scared people huddled together. As he got closer, he looked up where everyone else was looking and saw a little girl crying on a balcony on the eighth floor as something burned inside the house.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon. “Alice, I’m on my way!”

“Why doesn’t anyone try to help her?” Allan yelled.

“The fire crew is coming! “We’ve tried to get in, but the door won’t open,” said one of the people watching.

Allan climbed up the rusty fire escape without even giving it a second thought. The smoke seemed to be getting worse quickly, and it didn’t look like it would be long before the fire reached the little girl outside.

“Are you insane? The person shouted, “She’s eight floors up, and that fire escape isn’t stable.”

“Go get her! Help the child! I’m fine!”

As Allan got to the seventh floor, a handle on the fire escape ladder broke, making it harder for him to hold on. He fell to one of the sixth-floor balconies, which was a long way from the fire escape. The girl’s cries were getting louder and easier to hear.

“Help, please!! Please!” She wept.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon. “Alice, I’m on my way!” Allan yelled.

Allan took his belt off quickly and tied it in a knot. He then swung it toward one of the window bars, and it caught. He then pulled himself up and just made it to the fire escape by swinging.

Allan went up to the eighth floor and grabbed the girl, who was now having trouble breathing because of the smoke. He didn’t want to go all the way down with the girl, so he jumped to the balcony below. By then, the fire truck had already come. He stayed there until the firemen broke down the door and took them downstairs.

As the men helped them, Allan kept shouting, “Get the girl! Help the child! I’m fine!”

“Sir, we’re already taking care of her. Please take it easy. One of the firemen said, “We need to get you both to the hospital.”

Later that day, Allan woke up in the hospital, where he had fallen asleep on the way there. The first thing he said when he woke up was:

“The woman! “Whither the girl?”

“Have no fear, sir. “Thanks to you, she’s fine,” said the nurse who was taking care of him. “She’s in the room next to us. “Soon, you’ll be able to see her,” she said.

The nurse led Allan into the girl’s room a few minutes later. The little girl was so happy to see him that she threw her hands up and ran up to him for a hug. Allan gave her a hug right away.

She said, “Thank you for saving me, sir.”

Allan said, “It was my pleasure, princess.”

She asked, “Who is Alice?”

“What?” Allan asked.

“You called me Alice out there. Where is Alice?” she asked once more.

“Oh… uhm… I’m sorry for that. She is… Allan said, “Yes, Alice was my daughter,” and he hugged the girl even tighter.

The police then went to the hospital to talk to both Allan and the little girl. Allan would then find out the sad but touching story about what happened at the little girl’s apartment.

“So far, what we know is that a gas leak caused the fire to start. She’s lucky that you showed up, sir. The police officer said, “That was very brave of you.”

“Thank you. “Where is her family?” Allan asked.

“Only little Lisa and her mother were there. So that she could get her to the balcony, her mother gave up her own life. “Her sacrifice might have been for nothing if you hadn’t come when you did,” the officer said.

Later that week, Allan took it upon himself to drop Lisa off at the children’s shelter. He was worried about her and would go see her every day for the next couple of weeks. The more time he spent with Lisa, the more meaning he found in his life again.

After a few months, Allan took Lisa in as his own couple. They’ve always celebrated Lisa’s birthday twice a year ever since. One for the day she was born, and the other for the day he saved her life… The day they started living together.