A little boy goes into the woods by himself to find a Christmas tree to bring home to his sick grandmother. After a cop catches him in the act, his risky move makes Christmas a day he will never forget.

This was Ronnie’s sixth Christmas. He had already seen five. Even better, he was going to help his grandmother, Summer, decorate his long-awaited Christmas tree.

It had always been done that way, with no breaks. Little Ronnie loved it as much as he loved hanging empty stockings at the end of his bed so that Santa could fill them with treats. But on that Christmas Eve, when Summer went up to the attic to get toys and decorations, something terrible happened…

“How happy my little angel will be when she sees this!” she said as she put tinsels and garlands in a box in the attic.

Summer had no one else. She was the only person who took him in when his parents left him alone and then left. He loved his grandmother more than anything in the world. Ronnie’s life would not have been happy or full of smiles without her.

Even if a child’s actions seem wrong at first, you should still back them up.
Summer woke up as she brought the box down from the attic. She got too excited about how fun it would be to spend Christmas with her little grandson.

Summer fell down the stairs when she missed a step. She broke her leg and had to stay in bed, but what hurt her more was seeing Ronnie’s sad face when he found out he couldn’t help her decorate the Christmas tree.

The name he gave her was “Mimi.” “How are you doing? It’s fine if we don’t put anything on our tree. I want you to walk. When are you going to get up, Mimi?”

Summer couldn’t stop crying when she saw how sad Ronnie was, so she just let them flow in front of him. The best thing about their friendship was that they didn’t keep secrets from each other and didn’t mind crying in front of each other.

“Let your emotions flow out. Summer always told Ronnie, “If you hold them back, they won’t do any good.”

So he realized that the water coming out of his grandmother’s eyes wasn’t tears but rather her feelings. He also knew how sad she was that they wouldn’t be able to decorate the Christmas tree together. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands to make her happy. But he couldn’t do that without a Christmas tree. Every year, they went to the market to buy one.

“What am I going to do about a Christmas tree?” Ronnie worried. He didn’t know how to get to the market and didn’t have enough money to buy a tree. He ran out of the house and into the nearby woods after getting an idea.

It was a cold night. As far as little Ronnie could see, the snow covered the woods, the trees, the land, and everything else. It looked like heaven was taking a nap on earth.

He ran into the woods, but not too far. A little pine tree lying on the snow made him stop just outside the entrance. Someone had already cut it down, but the crooked branches made it look like it had been thrown away. But Ronnie was going to use it as his favorite Christmas tree this year.

He huffed and puffed as he pulled the small tree along the snow. Ronnie had just let out a sigh of relief because the tree was almost out of the woods when he was grabbed by the shoulder by a police officer.

“Little thief, are you cutting down trees? Officer Baxton said in a rough voice that scared little Ronnie, “You can’t cut down trees in the woods.” And, poor guy, he started to cry.

“Huh? Officer Baxton said again, “Give me that tree,” and he reached out with his hand to take the trunk from Ronnie’s hands.

Ronnie cried, “It’s to make my sick grandmother happy.” “No, I’m not giving it to you.”

“We don’t have a tree, and she’s sad that we didn’t put up a Christmas tree. If Mimi sees my tree, she will smile. I want her to be happy, and I need this tree to do that.”

“Hmmm,” said Officer Baxton as he looked into Ronnie’s big, pleading eyes and rubbed his mustache. “Sonny, I’m sorry, but you can’t have that tree. But… I have a thought. Come along.”

Officer Baxton was about to retire and had five grandchildren. Little Ronnie made him think of them, and his heart was touched by how pure he was. He went to the market with Ronnie and got him a new Christmas tree. But the officer didn’t stop there. He bought Ronnie a big chocolate cake and a big basket full of Christmas treats.

Officer Baxton, Ronnie, and Summer decorated the Christmas tree with Summer that night. She was happy and grateful to the officer for making Christmas special for her little boy.

“Oh, Mrs. Phil, don’t thank me! You should be proud of how much your grandson loves you. “He is such a cute little guy!” officer Baxton told him.

The next day, Summer and Ronnie’s best Christmas was with each other. They laughed, made wishes, and even gave each other gifts that they had made.

Officer Baxton also did something nice that helped Summer get better faster over the next few days. Every morning, he went to see them and brought them breakfast and groceries. He treated Summer and Ronnie like they were his own children, and they always spent Christmas with his grandchildren.