The American reality show “The Voice Blind Auditions” always brings out the best in people who want to be singers. In this episode, the Cunningham Sisters sing an amazing version of “Never Alone” by Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin that blows the judges away.

When the sisters from Ohio first read the songs, they took turns, which made the judges confused. Ariana Grande was the first to notice, but Kelly Clarkson was the first to turn around in her chair.

All of the judges were surprised when the women started singing in harmony, except for John Legend.

After the sisters were done singing, Legend and Clarkson talked to each other in a lighthearted way to try to win the girls’ favor. Clarkson came out on top in the end.

Kelly Clarkson is famous for being the first person to win American Idol. She used this fact to win over the girls.

John Legend is best known for his work as a gospel singer, songwriter, and producer. He tried to convince them that he would be the best teacher because he and they were both gospel singers, but they chose Clarkson instead.

The video of their amazing show has been watched more than a million times on YouTube.