Two young kids ice-skated to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah,’ and it was one of the most beautiful performances ever. Their names were Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and Ilya Makarov.

Ilya was 10 and Evelina was only 8, but they skated like they were born on the ice. They did a show for a Russian TV show called “Ice Age Kids.”

They skated onto the ice as a cute couple, holding hands and smiling. When they got to their goal, they lay down on their backs and looked up.

When “Hallelujah” started to play, they started to move. Slowly, they got to their knees, and then, when they were ready, they stood up on their skates. Their act seemed to be about falling in love when you’re young.

As Lya and Evelina gracefully moved across the ice, they looked at each other. As they moved apart and then back together, they waved their arms and spun.

He picked her up and spun her across the ice. This move took a lot of balance and trust. She never had any doubts about him, and neither of them hesitated for a second.

Their performance was amazing and from the heart. They always end their performance with their backs on the ice and their eyes looking up.