New babies can bring joy and happiness into your lives. Their innocent smiles can make your day brighter, and their sadness can make anyone sad. But if you have twin babies at home, your happiness doubles right away.

Not only do twin babies look alike, but they also often fight over small things. Recently, an online video of twin babies fighting over a pacifier got a lot of attention. One of the twins was sleeping with a pacifier in his or her mouth.

The baby with the pacifier sucked on it in a calm way. At the same time, the other twin was frantically trying to get the pacifier into his mouth by moving his hands around. He finally got upset and tried to take his twin brother’s pacifier away. Unfortunately, this made the twin baby who was using a pacifier cry in a sad way.

The second twin was able to get a piece of the pacifier in his mouth, which made the first twin lose the whole thing. Again, he started to cry, but this time the other twin sucked peacefully on the other end of the pacifier.

Babies love to chew on things like their thumbs or fingers. This is because they have a strong instinct to suck. The act of sucking helps them relax and calms their minds.

Many experts think that giving a baby a pacifier to help them suckle can be both good and bad. It can help a baby stop crying for a short time after getting shots. Pacifiers can also help babies forget about any pain they might be feeling while flying.

But there are some bad things about using a pacifier as well. For example, using a pacifier may make it hard to feed a baby breast milk. Also, using a pacifier for a long time could lead to dental problems. So, in an emergency, babies shouldn’t use pacifiers too much.