The most recent episode of America’s Got Talent shows that age doesn’t matter and that we should never try to hide or limit our talent.

Leon, 84, and Edson, 54, his best friend from Dupla o Tempo, Brazil, blew the judges and audience away with their acrobatics at AGT 2019. Hand balancers Edson and Leon show that age is just a number by following their dreams no matter how old they are.

They met 14 years ago. They had always wanted to do hand-balancing acts in front of big crowds, and “America’s Got Talent” gave them that chance.

They came out on stage dressed as characters from the movie “Up.” This was probably because of what judge Julianne Hough had said about them before. Even though they started their act slowly, they changed quickly when they did body balancing and lift tricks with each other. This surprised everyone, including the judges and the crowd.

People all over the world loved what they did, which is clear from how much love and support they are getting.