This video got a lot of attention on YouTube. Claire, who was only three years old, was eager to surprise her dad by singing him a sweet song. You really should just listen to her voice. We are sure you can’t manage your emotions.

This is a show you will want to see over and over again. Great voice! When this girl sings, she makes you feel happy and good about yourself. The baby who sings got happier, calmer, and funnier.

Little singers are less likely to get sick because singing helps the blood flow and boosts the immune system.

Vocals help you develop an ear and sense of rhythm. Also, vocals is the best for memory because the child has to remember the tune, the words, and many songs during class.

Vocal training makes it easier to come up with new ideas on the spot (in the process of singing, the kid not only clearly pronounces the words, but sings them).

Lessons in singing normalize, develop, and improve breathing (singing lessons are very good for asthma). Vocal class makes speech problems disappear (for example, while singing, the baby stutters less). Vocal helps people learn how to communicate, work as a team, be kind, and pay attention.