People don’t often get to play with their favorite musicians. In fact, very few people will ever get to do something like this. So, in 2018, Victoria Anthony, then 12 years old, tweeted that she wanted to meet pop star Pink and see her perform at an upcoming event in Vancouver.

Victoria has been singing since she was a child and has taught herself how to play music. It’s hard to believe that a 12-year-old knows so much about music. She can play both the guitar and the keyboard while she sings.

People were confused when she posted a video to Twitter asking her to perform at Pink’s upcoming concert and even mentioned the pop diva in the post. On the other hand, Victoria’s voice became popular quickly, and she quickly made headlines and became well-known on the internet. Even so, she wasn’t sure that Pink had read her message. She thought that the pop star was too busy to read the message or never got it because she was so busy.

So, Pink surprised Victoria and her mother at a concert on May 12 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Pink stopped singing in the middle of her show to look for Victoria. Victoria got to meet her favorite singer and even sing with her. Pink was also very surprised by how beautiful Victoria’s voice was.