Every year, strange and unusual festivals are common in the Ohio town of Twinsburg.

During the festival, all of the town’s twins who are the same will be there.

This has been done this way since 1976, and it is still done this way today.

In 1998, Craig and Mark Sanders, brothers, also came to the event.

There were 36 sets of twins who came to spend the day with other people and have fun.

But it was a surprise because the festival would bring together two families at the same time.

That event was also important for Darlene and Diana Nettmaye, who are sisters.

These people saw each other right away and got to know each other at the festival.

Later, the brothers told each other that when Mark saw Darlene and fell in love with her at first sight, Craig liked Diana at the same time.

What a wonderful chance!

So, after that day, couples started to talk to each other and go out on dates.

After a few months, they decided that they would both get married on the same day.

At the wedding, the couple’s parents were very happy to see that two of their children were getting married at the same time.

When they had three sets of twins, that was the most beautiful thing.

Craig and Diana were the happiest people in the world when Brandy and Candy were born to them in 2001.

Mark and Darline both had twins after a while.