Ava and Lea Clements were born in California on July 7, 2010. Like all parents, Kevin and Jaka thought their daughters were the most beautiful.

But it turned out that they weren’t the only ones who thought that. Many people, even people they didn’t know, gave them compliments and liked how they looked.

But the girls had someone to thank for being born so pretty. Kevin, their dad, is tall, fit, and has dark hair. He has been a swim coach for a long time and has even won awards. And the girls’ mother, Jackie, has beautiful, normal features and green eyes that are just out of this world.

The girls got the best of what their parents had to offer. By the way, the family also has a 12-year-old brother named Chase. He, too, stands out because of how cute he looks.

All of the family’s relatives and friends kept telling the parents that they should give the babies to a modeling agency. But Jaki wasn’t in a rush to do this. She always said that they would grow up and make their own decisions.

My mother talked to Ava and Leah about becoming models when they were 7 years old.

She says, “It didn’t surprise me at all that they jumped for joy.”

After all, girls have been known for their creativity almost since birth, and they love to be in the spotlight. The twins’ brother didn’t just stand there, he also said he wanted to be a model. Now, they all work well together in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Jacky made an account for the girls on a social media site. It turned out that her daughters have a lot of fans and admirers; more than a million people have subscribed to their page. At the moment, the parents want to start their own family brand, but they don’t know what it will be yet. The logo, however, will be a picture of twins.