Life is unpredictable, and a lot can happen to a person in just one year.

So, up until recently, Michelle Boyle, an inspiring woman, had to pay $1,300 per month to rent a small apartment in Oregon.

With her low salary, she couldn’t save any money to buy extra things.

She worked at a coffee shop and could barely pay for food and rent, let alone anything else.

But she had a great idea that completely changed her life and made it wonderful.

Since her children were already grown up and had moved out, she could finally start building her small, cozy home.

Even though it was hard for her to stay financially stable at first, she was able to do it and built her own home.

Comparatively, Michelle used to pay $1,300 a month for a 3-bedroom apartment.

She now has 18.5 square meters and pays $65 a month just for electricity, water, and Wi-Fi.

Isn’t it wonderful?

The smart woman could make a small cabin on wheels and design the inside and outside of the territory with skill.

Michelle said it took her two years to settle down and finally fix up her amazing home.

All of the home’s details were from the 1940s and 1950s, which gave it a more unique look.