When a disabled girl falls behind and doesn’t have a prom date, her dad takes her to the dance. The next day, the reward he gets because of how much he loves his child changes both of their lives.

“Hey, Molly! Someone at the funeral told the 17-year-old girl who was crying over the coffin of her mother Daisy that her father was there.

Molly’s parents, Danny and Molly’s mom, got a divorce ten years ago. Since then, Molly had only heard bad things about her father, such as that he was a “drunkard” and other such things.

Even though Molly didn’t hate Danny, she missed the time they spent together as dad and daughter. But after her mother died, Molly’s life was going to change…

“Hey, darling! “Danny said hello to his daughter and gave her a hug before putting a wreath on the coffin of his ex-wife.

“Sir, do you own that truck? It takes up half of the parking space. Could you move it? ” A visitor asked Danny, “Who drives a truck?”

“Yes, that’s my car. Gimme a second. I’ve just met ma daughter. Hope ya understand. Thank ya! ”

Danny was happy to finally meet Molly. All these years, the only thing that kept him connected to her was the child support he paid for her. Daisy never let him hang out with Molly because she thought he would be bad for her.

Everyone left when the funeral was over. Danny put Molly’s things in boxes and told her they were going to Danny’s house.

“A parcel? Who mailed it?” he wondered. “For Dad of the Year” was written on the card.

“But why, dad? I’m stuck here and can’t leave. We lived here with my mom. We have a lot of good times there.”

Danny wouldn’t listen, so Molly made a sad face. He knew he couldn’t leave his daughter alone, especially since she often used a wheelchair when she didn’t need crutches. Molly limped because she had had a problem with her left leg since she was six years old.

Molly moved in with her dad two days after that. Even though the house was small and messy, it made her feel loved and like she belonged.

As time went on, Danny found it harder and harder to do things for Molly. He didn’t know how to do most things, like braiding her hair, because he never saw her grow up. He watched online videos to learn how to do it. But that wasn’t everything.

He moved out of his room so Molly could have a comfortable place to sleep. He even bought her a new bed with soft pillows so she could sleep well. Danny did everything he could to make his daughter feel at home, but the fact that he was always gone at night was a secret.

Molly didn’t know where her dad went at night when she was sleeping. She could only guess that he was hanging out in the pub with his friends, just like her mother had told her many times.

A few days later, Molly got off the school bus and cried her way into their house. The door was locked, she saw. Behind a plant, there was a note. “The keys are in the pot. I’ll see you soon. See ya! – Dad.”

Molly scowled and thought back to what her mom had said about her dad’s “weird” evening habits. She frowned when she thought her dad was out drinking at 4 p.m.

Danny was gone for hours, but he never came back home. Molly made pasta by herself and made sure to leave some for her dad. Then she went to bed and cried.

“If I were normal, I wouldn’t stand out so much. I would have gone to the prom with someone.”

Molly’s teacher had actually told them about their upcoming senior prom. Except for Molly, all of her friends had dates for the prom. No one was willing to take her. She thought that no one with a limp would want to dance with them.

Molly cried so loudly that Danny could hear her the moment he got home.

“What went wrong, honey? “Why do you cry?”

He heard about the prom from Molly. “I have no plans. I even asked some boys if at least one of them would dance with me at prom, but they laughed at me and said no. Daddy, I don’t want to go to the prom! I’d like to be by myself! Goodnight!”

Molly turned her back on Danny and pretended to sleep, even though her pillow was wet with tears.

Danny couldn’t leave his daughter alone in trouble. He bought Molly a beautiful prom dress the next day. And on the day of her prom, Molly was in for a huge surprise that made her cry. Her dad took her to the prom.

Parents of high school seniors were crowding outside the building when a loud, screeching engine drew their attention.

Danny got off the back of the truck. He put Molly’s wheelchair on the grass and helped her get out of it. The crowd was amazed as he pushed the wheelchair along the red carpet.

Danny and his daughter started dancing when the music started. He picked up Molly and carried her in circles, moving in time with the music of the night. Molly forgot for a moment that she was disabled and laughed her heart out as her dad rocked her back and forth in his arms.

“My dad is the real hero in my life. I love him more than any other person or thing in the world. Molly cried to her friends after the dance, “I feel lucky and proud to be his daughter.

In the meantime, Danny became the star of the show. All of the parents crowded around him to cheer and praise him. Danny then told them a little bit about himself and his daughter. He had no idea how much their lives were about to change that night.

Danny and Molly talked about how much fun they had on the way home. Danny then put Molly to sleep in her room and left the house quietly.

It turned out that Danny had been helping out at a nursing home as a second job. In addition to driving a truck part-time during the day, he worked extra hours to save money for his daughter’s treatment. When Danny and Daisy learned about Molly’s disability years ago, many people told them that she would never be able to walk.

But one doctor told them that he would be able to treat the girl and get her walking again. So Danny stopped going to pubs to drink with his friends and got two jobs.

Daisy thought he was wasting his time at the pub because she didn’t understand what he said. Danny tried to explain, but she didn’t believe him. Soon after, they broke up because of her constant doubts and angry arguments. Danny never cared because, for the next few years, he was too busy working hard to save money for Molly’s surgery.

Every time Danny thought about his past, it hurt. Even as he drove to work that night, he couldn’t stop thinking about what his ex-wife had said. He finished his shift and went home, where he and Molly were in for a big surprise.

When Danny got home from work that morning, he found a package in his mailbox. It was a nice surprise.

“A parcel?? Who mailed it?” he wondered. “Dad of the Year!” said the card.

Inside, Danny found a note and a check for $10,000.

“Dear Danny, we hope this makes things better for your daughter. We hope her surgery goes well and that you can spend more time with her in the evenings. All the best, your prom friends!”

Danny figured out that the parents he had met the night before were behind all of this. He cried tears of happiness and told Molly the good news.

“Really?! My God, daddy… “I can’t believe it!” On his shoulders, she laughed and cried.

Molly’s surgery was paid for with the money Danny had saved and the $10,000 check. It worked, and she was able to walk without crutches over time.

In the meantime, Danny quit his second job so he could spend more time with his daughter. She got a scholarship to go to school in another state to study architecture, and she was going to leave in three months.

Danny wanted to use the time he had with Molly in the best way possible. He showed her how to dance, cook, ride a bike, and even run. He just wanted his daughter to live a normal life and never think about when she had to use a wheelchair and crutches.