Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift for someone you care about, but there’s nothing better than a gift that shows you put a lot of thought into it.

Not only will it show how much you care about that person, but it will also show that you gave it a lot of thought.

This is probably what Bridget was thinking when she gave her stepdaughter Haley the birthday present, but we don’t think she was ready for the response she got.

We think Haley will always remember the birthday party she had with all of her friends and family that year.

But when Haley’s stepmother Bridget came up to her with a gift bag for her birthday, the party took an unexpected turn.

When Haley opened the bag, she saw that it held a doll.

She was happy and thought it was nice, but she didn’t know that Bridget had put something else in the bag.

Haley kept digging around in the bag and found something else.

It was a note that said something.

Have you ever given someone a gift and worried that they wouldn’t like it? Well, Bridget probably felt that way when her stepdaughter began to read the note.

The note said that Bridget’s request to adopt Haley was approved and that she was now Haley’s official mother. What did the girl say? Went right to my heart!