A man from the U.S. won a lot of money in the lottery, but he had to give up some of it. Because of an oath he took in 1992, he was so kind. The American thought that what he said was a joke, but he had to answer for it 28 years later.

Thomas Cook from Wisconsin decided to take a chance at the beginning of July, and she smiled at him.

The man bought a lottery ticket, and he won a good amount of money—$22 million. But the American didn’t make the most of his victory because he had to keep a promise he had made years ago. Cook told the press that he and his friend Joseph Feeney made a bet in 1992.

The men got drunk and decided that if one of them won the lottery jackpot, he would give half of the money to the other. The friends shook hands and made a deal, but they didn’t think it would ever be important. Still, Thomas did his job as soon as he heard about the victory. Cook called Joseph right away to tell him that they were now worth $1 million.

But Feeney was sure that his friend had played a trick on him and didn’t believe what he said. After paying taxes on their winnings, the friends divided what was left between them.

They each got $5,7 million. Thomas said that he’s glad he can finally retire safely. We can do anything we want now. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my retirement.