Remaya Hernandez is 5 years old and lives in Florida, USA, with her parents. Most of the time, the girl walks near her house, and her parents didn’t think she would be in danger in the courtyards she walks through often. What happened to her is a nightmare for every mother. Remaya was riding her bike when the dog of a neighbor attacked her.

When the girl’s mother heard her scream, she ran to help. She was horrified to see a big dog grab the baby right in the face.

Before the woman could get to her daughter, though, their pit bull, Trigger, jumped over the fence and ran to help his little mistress.

During a fight, he hurt the attacking dog so badly that her owners had to put her to sleep. Lusila, the girl’s mother, says, “We taught him to always protect his owners and take care of us.” She might not have been able to save her daughter if not for Trigger.

Remaya is also thankful for her four-legged friend, who may have saved her life. For a long time, the girl couldn’t come to her senses. At night, she had terrible dreams in which she saw huge jaws close to her face. The girl’s parents took her to a plastic surgeon as soon as they could.

They didn’t want their daughter to think of a bad dream when she saw their scars. Most people who have ever been attacked by a dog will always be afraid of and dislike dogs. But Remaya will never forget that the dog was the one who saved her. The girl is sure that animals are just like people. Some are good and some are bad. Still, most dogs are very kind and loyal animals.