People who own small puppies know that they can be just as hard as babies at times. They want to play and don’t want to go to bed, for example.

This is a big problem for Carilla Punzalan of the Philippines, who has four Shih Tzu puppies at once. And the girl came up with her own way to do it. The video of it is now getting a lot of views quickly.

The older sister says that Karilla owns the puppies and that they are causing a lot of trouble. In particular, they can’t all go to bed at the same time, no matter how tired they are from the day.

It doesn’t help to turn off the light or sing a lullaby. Karilla tried different things until she found a very simple method that worked. Before going to bed, you have to kiss each puppy from the heart, not just as a sign.

And better is more than once. It really works like magic. In the video, you can see how the puppies line up, kiss each other, and then lie down peacefully and only move their paws.

People are happy and moved by the video, which spread quickly on local social networks. And dog lovers who own restless puppies are all trying to be the first one to write: “It works, the method is something!”

Only if you kiss from the heart and not because you have to, will the dog understand everything. And don’t play any other games. You need to make it clear that kissing means going to bed. Create a habit.