No matter how old you are, celebrating your birthday is always a big deal. And if you happen to turn 100, the day will be even more special.

These twin sisters both turned 100 years old at the same time. And told about their lives as a result…

Edith Antonecchi and Norma Matthews both just turned 100 years old at the same time. Even though they were born 100 years apart, the twins are still as close as ever.

Norma told the press, “People love that we’re still together.” “Since the day we were born, we’ve done everything together.” Even though they are quick to celebrate when things go well, they are also there for each other when things go wrong.

“Edy was there for me all the time, and I was there for her all the time,” said Norma. “Whenever I got sick, Edy always knew about it. She would call me or rush over to see if I was okay.

Even though it may seem like things have always been calm, the sisters say with a sly smile that sibling rivalry was common.

“When you put a penny in your pocket, it doesn’t jingle. “If you put two pennies in your pocket, they jingle,” the girls said their grandmother always told them.

They were born in Revere, Massachusetts, and their single mother raised them.

Edy said, “It wasn’t easy, but we had a lot of fun.” “We had fun on our own.”

Edy went to work as a nurse after high school, while Norma went to work as a hairdresser. Three months went by between the weddings of the two sisters. They were neighbors for 51 years. For the rest of their lives, they never lived more than two cities apart or more than one bus ride away.

“We’d be living apart for the first time,” Norma said. So, we decided it was important to live as close to each other as possible.

On Valentine’s Day in 1943, Norma married her boyfriend Charles Matthews. Then, they had three children, but one of their daughters died when she was only two years old.