When a 6-year-old boy in downtown Pittsburgh saw an old homeless man sitting on the street, he wanted to help him.

In an online post, Bekki Viau said, “This is my 6-year-old son, Edward.” “As we walked through downtown Pittsburgh this afternoon on our way to get lunch before his doctor’s appointment, he saw an old man sitting on the street with a cup out asking for money.”
Edward asked his mother for some spare change. When she gave it to him, he walked over to the old homeless man and put it in his cup. But during lunch, he was worried that the homeless man might not have eaten today, so he asked his mom if they could get him something to eat, and she said yes.

“Edward put some coins in the cup, but that wasn’t enough. After we ate lunch, we went to McDonald’s and bought lunch for the kind man sitting there. Edward thinks that everyone should be able to eat, so he made sure that everyone could. He gave him food.

Little Edward liked that they were able to help the old man. Later that night, he was still thinking about him and worried that he might be cold sleeping on the street. His kind heart asked his mom if they could bring him a new blanket and pillow the next time they went downtown, and she was happy to say yes.

“He wants to go back and bring him a blanket and a pillow, so I’m putting that on Edward’s shopping list. I love that he can be so caring. It makes me think that my husband and I are doing something right in raising him, and I hope that our other two children will follow in his footsteps.
Many people online have been touched by what Edward did for the homeless old man.

“You’re so cool, Edward! You really care about people. What a great example to show the world,” Gigi C. wrote.
Mary S. said, “He has the ability to share and care.”

“It’s never too early to teach and encourage people to care about each other. “He has a beautiful little soul for sure,” Rhonda C. wrote.
Tania T. said, “His t-shirt should say “old soul” instead of “old navy.”
“I’m so happy for him. There is hope that this young generation will spread love and kindness,” Leighann N. wrote.