Every girl wants to shine at prom by wearing her dream dress. But not everyone can get a dress like this one. Adelaide Rast, an American, also wanted to buy the perfect outfit, but she couldn’t. She didn’t know that her friend, who invited her to the ball, was working on a big project.

“Can you make me a dress, Parker?” Adelaide asked her friend who invited her to the ball. They laughed it off, but Adelaide didn’t know that the guy had already thought of something really good.

Parker asked himself, “Why not?” He made a plan, bought the materials, and called his grandmother for help because he had never sewn anything before. Then he started to learn how to sew. Parker’s grandmother helped him a lot, but he also sewed a lot of the pieces himself.

Parker writes, “I’m so focused on perfection that I glued the rhinestones back on the dress at the last minute. The result was better than she could have imagined, and her girlfriend was so happy that she couldn’t even put it into words.

Parker shared a picture of the graduation on Twitter, and a lot of people liked it.

Some people told the guy he should get serious about sewing, and others praised his parents for raising a man who could do things like that.

Adelaide had a great time at prom because she wore the dress of her dreams.