In the modeling business, there are more and more girls who are ready to break beauty standards. What are the “plus size” models that we have written about many times before? But now we’re not talking about models. Instead, we’re talking about a regular schoolgirl who blew up the Network.

Meet Lola Chuil. The girl lives in Los Angeles and goes to high school there. She is very pretty, which made her famous right away.

Modern Lolita has the same color skin as the Senegalese melanin goddess we know, but she also has almond-shaped eyes, full lips, and a small, thin nose, which is unusual for her type.

The girl just started posting her photos on Instagram, and right away she got a lot of attention.

She now calls herself “Black Hannah Montana,” and she only has 36 photos, but she has as many as 311 thousand subscribers.

Fans of the newly famous person say that she will have a wild career as a model and call her the young Naomi Campbell. Well, it really does look like it.

Did you like how pretty Lola was when she was young? The girl seemed pretty, too, so let’s hope everything goes well for her and we hear more about Lola Chuil!