This girl is not like the other kids. But it was like that when HE came into her life.

11-year-old She is in the fifth grade. George, a 59 kg Great Dane, was her best friend. The dog made a huge difference in this cute baby’s life. He helps her as much as he can and fights the disease with her.

Bella could not walk on her own for almost all of her life because she had a rare disease. She had to use crutches or a wheelchair to get around. In 2015, everything changed.

Then, Bella and her mother went to the dog training center, where they keep service dogs that have been trained to help people. Mom really wanted to find a dog that could help the little girl walk. But when they got there, most of the dogs didn’t care about them at all.

Then George showed up. From the moment he got close to the girl, he was very careful and careful. There seemed to be a link between them that couldn’t be seen. Since then, they haven’t been able to get away from each other, and Bella’s health has changed in an amazing way.

At age 2, the girl was diagnosed with a rare syndrome that affects the bones and causes many health problems that shorten her life expectancy.

When parents heard this news, they were shocked. A hard life and 30–50 operations lay ahead.

Today, they talk about their child and hope to find a cure. Each person who gets the disease has its own set of symptoms.

Bella is always in pain, and she has to use crutches or a wheelchair to get around for most of her life. In 2015, this sweet little girl’s life took a sudden turn for the better. Bella got a Great Dane named George. As soon as they met, they had an invisible bond.

When Bella met George, she got rid of her crutches. Now, the dog goes everywhere with her, helps her get to school, and does everything else with her. The baby says, “He helps me walk, I lean on him like a cane!” This amazing and moving story shows once again that animals have real power. Not only do they give us a lot of good things, but they can also help make us healthier.