Jimmy Fallon, who hosts a late-night show, just got some very bad news.

A new report says that now that Greg Gutfeld is the ratings king of late night, NBC is very sorry that they gave him a $80 million contract extension.

Greg Gutfeld’s show often does better than many of the other late-night shows, while Jimmy Fallon and other “woke warriors” are ignored.

Fallon isn’t funny either.

I think that by this time next year, many of the networks’ late-night schedules may have changed a lot. After all, most people who go woke end up broke.

“NBC Regrets Giving Jimmy Fallon a $80 Million Contract Extension as Fox News” Greg Gutfeld’s ratings beat those of “The Tonight Show”: Sources

The ratings war between Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and FOX News rival Greg Gutfeld is going to Greg Gutfeld, RadarOnline.com has learned. The TV flop’s falling ratings have made NBC executives regret buying it.

Nearly 19 months after the Peacock Network gave Fallon a huge $80 million, five-year contract extension, The Tonight Show has less than 1.3 million viewers, which is less than half of Gutfeld’s audience.

But when you compare that number to Fallon’s famous first show, it’s even more shocking! The 48-year-old alum of Saturday Night Live had an impressive 11 million viewers when he first took over for the legendary Jay Leno. But now, Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show is also beating him in the ratings!

A source said that NBC regrets the comedian’s expensive long-term contract and added, “The network knows that the days when tens of millions of people watched The Tonight Show are long gone, but they were hoping Jimmy would do better than this!”

If you want to know why no one watches Jimmy Fallon’s show anymore, all you have to do is watch the clip below, which will make you cringe.