On the other hand, she is a very happy baby girl in real life.

Especially when the baby is only a few days old, parents take pictures of their angels to remember the first days of their lives. In these pictures, we often see cute sleeping angels lying in cute and cute positions that make our hearts melt with their cute, calm, and smiling faces.

But we won’t tell a story like that this time. In fact, we’ll tell a story about the opposite.

Meet Luna, a little girl whose first photo shoot made her look funny.

She is only 14 days old and can’t talk or walk yet, but her eyes and facial expressions tell you she doesn’t like something.

In real life, though, she is the exact opposite: a very happy baby.

Like it was written on her face that she didn’t like the shooting process.

She likes to look around when she wakes up and see where she is.

She looks at her mother the most, trying to figure out who she is by the way she talks.

The photographer also makes jokes about how serious, well-balanced, and patient Luna is.

But you can tell from her cute, big eyes that, to put it mildly, she doesn’t like it.

She seems to be saying, “Leave me alone,” “Let me sleep,” or “Mom, this is definitely the only photo shoot I’ll ever have.”