Everyone in the world has flaws and things they could do better.

But a lot of people find it hard to talk about their flaws or even admit to themselves who they really are.

Most of us get some kind of flaw at some point in our lives.

Those who were able to get over their problems won the lottery.

So, the main character of this story is an Arizona woman named Sarah Eisenman, whose hair turned gray when she was very young.

So, she was able to accept herself as she is and not try to hide or change her strange appearance.

Sarah’s hair lost its dark color and turned white and gray when she was 21.

But at first, the situation was shocking to her, and she started using tonics to hide her gray hair a lot.

At first, she was afraid of what her family, friends, and coworkers would say.

So, she kept her looks a secret until she was 37 years old.

Then she was ready to accept herself as she was, and she started a new life that fit with her gray hair.

She is now 44, and she has a lot of fans who look up to her and listen to what she says.

She said that she knew her weird hair was a big test for herself and a lot of other people.