Some of them had a very hard time seeing Hadid as Marilyn Monroe.

Bella Hadid, who is one of the most popular models right now, loves to try new things, not just with her clothes but also with how she looks.

Not too long ago, a famous person decided to dye her hair.

Fans are used to the fact that the fashion model has dark hair, so the fact that Bella is now a blonde is still hard for them to understand.

And probably because of the same thing, it was hard for some of them to see Hadid as Marilyn Monroe.

The fashion model put a new video on her blog, for which she posed in a cute white wig with curls around her face.

Naturally, this hairstyle made me think of Marilyn Monroe right away. At the same time, Bella posed wearing a white T-shirt with the bottom cut off.

Many people on the Internet have liked this beauty experiment.

Some people said that it’s likely that Marilyn will look like that in 2023.

“I don’t understand what Bella has to say. She has a modern look. It would be strange in the 1960s. Some of Bella’s fans write things like, “Now, not at all,” “She doesn’t say she’s Marilyn Monroe 2.0, she just has an interesting look,” and “It seems to me that it turned out very interesting.”

Critics are always going to be there.

«Monroe and Hadid. In every part of life, there are too many differences. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t be the same. People on the Internet say, “She’s never been so thin.”