Ryan and Crysie Grelecki couldn’t stop crying when they saw their son Parker for the first time. It looked like the boy didn’t have a chance to live. The boy was born with two serious illnesses at the same time: craniosynostosis (early joining of the skull bones) and hydrocephalus (accumulation of excess fluid in the brain).

So, his skull was really big, and his brain only took up 5% of it. A few days after the boy was born, he had surgery where the doctors took out extra fluid from his head. The parents could take their son home after two weeks.

Chrissy says that it took Parker a long time and a lot of work before he could finally sit up and hold his head up. He didn’t even begin to move. But one day, he got up and left all of a sudden.

Just look! It’s impossible to believe that this is the same child.
The child still had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Doctors and nurses took care of him as if he were their own child.

“What a brave boy he is. He’s been through a lot. Dr. Andrew Reisner says, “But he is always happy” (Andrew Reisner). Even though it’s only been 20 months, Parker hasn’t changed much at all, and the doctors couldn’t believe it. Now it was a little talker, full of life, energy, and new ideas.

But at first, many people must have felt sorry for Parker and told his parents he had no chance. Amazing proof that love and hope can do amazing things.