In the past, people would have thought that Danesha Couch from Kansas, USA, was the goddess of fertility. It all started when a woman gave birth to twins about two years ago. But Danesh and her husband Jeffery’s first pregnancy was both happy and sad because only one of their two babies lived after they were born.

Danarius, who was a child, lost his brother. Danesha was very sad when her son died, so she decided that Danarius would have to have a brother or sister. But this happy time happened a lot sooner than the couple had planned. Danesha got pregnant again in less than six months, and at the end of her due date, she had two healthy girls.

The family has been very lucky to have Delilah and Davina as babies. But after only three months, Danesha is pregnant again, which was shocking news for the happy couple. Once more, twins! Doctors did tests because they were curious about a young woman’s unusual fertility. They found that when a woman ovulates, her ovaries always release a multinucleated egg, which leads to the birth of twins.

It’s about 1 in 88,000 that a woman will have twins three times in a row. In other words, it’s almost impossible. But Danesha says she has never used drugs to help her have children. And she doesn’t need it, since she has so much money. Danarius is now two years old, and his two older little sisters just turned one.

And Delaney (Delaney) and Darla (Darla), who are both new babies, were born just a month ago. Even though she is young, a happy mother talks proudly about her wonderful family and thanks fate for always giving her two things to be happy about.