Her old dream was to meet Keith Urban, who she loved.

Marissa English, who was 25 years old, had some of the best times of her life right before she died.

She was born with a number of diseases, including water and cysts in her brain.

But she was also a big fan of the famous singer and musician Keith Urban, who had given her a lot of bad news.

She used to want to meet her favorite singer Keith Urban at a real concert.

Her need was so clear and strong that she did everything she could to get tickets to his concert.

Even though she wasn’t sure if she could make it, Marissa said she would.

The poor thing got sick, and her heart broke when she realized this might be the last time she could see her idol.

Soon, Marissa’s nurses couldn’t stand to see her like this any longer, so they wrote a letter to the singer with a request.

Urban, who had a good heart, changed everything he had planned to be with Marissa.

The girl was then in the Mercy Kids’ Hospital, and it was a big deal for her when Urban came into her room and said hello.

On that day, the singer sang “Blue Ain’t Your Color” for her and called her his “best fan.”

Marissa and Urban will always remember this day as a great one.