The boy with autism always drew the same picture, which is why his family paid attention. The future could be seen in doodles.

Since he was a child, a teen with autism could only draw one symbol. His parents encouraged him to keep doing it, and they soon saw that it wasn’t for nothing. One small badge told the future, which was a huge gift that the whole family needed so much.

The parents of a 15-year-old Florida boy named Devon are used to the fact that their son loves to draw, but it would be hard to call his work ordinary. If the other family who adopted the boy was really scared when they saw his drawings, Devon’s parents, on the other hand, were very proud of their son’s interest.

Devon has been interested in a well-known symbol since he was a child: a golden arch in the shape of the letter “m,” which belongs to McDonald’s Corporation. Good News Network says that the boy’s collection has dozens of these drawings, all of which are in the colors of the fast food chain.

In 2018, Hurricane Michael hit Florida and destroyed a lot of buildings, including McDonald’s restaurants. But for the boy’s parents, it was a chance to give him a small gift that he would like.

Tiffany Winters, Devon’s mom, asked people on social media if anyone could rebuild one of the famous “golden arches” from the storm debris so she could give it to her son. When the owners of seven local food chains heard about the guy’s story, they decided to give him a surprise.

“When we heard about Devon’s past and how much he loved the golden arches, we knew we had to do something special for him and his family,” said Thomas and Tracey Johnston, who run a McDonald’s restaurant.

Not only did they bring Devon the famous golden arched sign that had been saved from the wreckage, but they also took the guy to the local McDonald’s so he could work there all day. The real surprise was that the boy got a real present for Christmas in 2020.

Tim and Tracy kept in touch with the teenager for two years and tried to make each holiday special for him. So, the restaurant owners surprised the family by giving the boy the new car he needed. Devon can use the car to get to school, the doctor, or therapy.

The boy with autism always drew the same symbol, which is why his family paid attention. Gift to the Devon family: doodles that foretold the future
“It’s way more than we needed,” Devon’s dad, Brent Winters, said. — When we needed it most, a car we got as a gift changed our lives.

Devon also got other gifts, such as a lot of art supplies.

“In a year that has been hard in ways that have never been hard before, this is a reminder of how good deeds can inspire each other,” said the Johnstons. “It made us proud to see Devon’s face light up when he saw his presents. It means a lot to us that we can help him and his family.