Not that they don’t eat well there, but a holiday dinner is a whole different thing.

The autumn harvest festival is celebrated in almost every country or nation in its own way. When the fields are cleaned up, the warehouses are full, and farm work is done for the season, it’s time to celebrate the end of the season by eating fresh food.

This is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year, the New York sheet for animals had a big party for the animals.

Rob and Hillary Dunn made 80 different meals on their own for the animals at the shelter.

Not that they ate badly there, but a holiday dinner is a totally different thing.

On plates, there are only the most useful and tasty dishes. There is no fast food. First, a white-meat turkey that had been boiled. Green beans that are just picked.

Third, pumpkin mashed potatoes, because in the United States, the bright pumpkin is the main symbol of harvest. More specifically, the pumpkin is often used as a symbol, and it is often baked or fried on Thanksgiving.

But these are people, and animals do not need harmful fried food, so this is the right lunch.

The Dunn family’s idea sparked a storm of excitement on social networks. It’s not about food, but for someone who can’t find food on their own, this is very important. We are talking about the very fact of concern for animals that deserve it!