Blake Shelton is a living legend of country music, but he is still humble and openly devoted to God, despite his huge fame. The Voice judge decided to follow his inspiration and write a song called “Savior’s Shadow,” which he thinks came from God through a dream.

In a behind-the-scenes video from The Voice, Blake talked about the last song on his album “If I’m Honest.” He said, “When I woke up, there was more of the song in my dream, but all I could remember was the first verse. I sang it into my phone, and I never forgot it.”

Blake Shelton, a singer and songwriter, worked with Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall to finish this great song. This country superstar may have sung about his faith before, but this song is one of his most moving. Even though it isn’t as happy as most of his music, it has a clear sense of sanctuary.