Colin Kaepernick has said for a long time that he doesn’t have a job in the NFL because the owners work together against him.

In fact, he was reportedly given between $60 and $80 million in a settlement with the NFL after he sued them for not giving him a contract. He says that the owners didn’t make him an offer because he kneeled during the national anthem, which caused a big fuss.

But Kaepernick did get an offer to play professional football not too long ago. It wasn’t good enough for the NFL. It was for a team in the Alliance of American Football, a new league (AAF).

All AFL players got the same contract: a $250k deal that pays out over the next three years but is not guaranteed. It’s not what NFL players usually make, but if Kaepernick really wanted to show off his football skills, this was his chance.

Kaepernick didn’t take the deal, which wasn’t a big surprise.

One of the people who started the AAF, Bill Polian, told Kaepernick that someone from the league had reached out to him. He told reporters, “I don’t know what happened, but it’s clear that he’s not playing.”

Kaepernick chose not to play for the San Francisco 49ers in the last year of his contract. In his last year with the team, he started eleven games, but the 49ers only won one of those games.