It’s only natural for parents and grandparents to care most about the health and happiness of their children and grandchildren. But it might be too much to ask young people to feel the same way. Thanks to his beautiful heart, one young man has been able to break the mold.

Chris Punsalan is a young man who often shows glimpses of his life on Instagram. He is a musician and content producer, and he is thought to be in his 20s. But something else is now a part of his formal and informal introductions that can’t be taken away.

Since a few years ago, Punsalan has been a full-time caregiver for a very special person, someone he loves and cherishes with all of his being. Let’s look at his story, which is very touching.

Punsalan is at an age when most people would like to live a carefree, active life, but he wants to do something else. He doesn’t hang out with friends, date, or chase his dreams anymore. Instead, he’s taken a completely different path in life.

Since 2014, Punsalan has shared pictures with his sweet lola.

Punsalan has been taking care of his beloved lola (grandmother) for almost seven years with only the most love and dedication. Because he grew up in a strong family, the young man decided to pay back the woman who was always in his life.

Punsalan said that his grandmother was always there for him when he was a child, so it was only fair that he help her when she needed it the most. His social media pages are full of pictures of his lovely grandmother, which is a nice break from the daily bad news.

Punsalan’s Instagram posts are pure treats to look at. He shares sneak peeks of his daily work as a caregiver and heartwarming stories about his grandmother’s youth. But behind the scenes, it hasn’t been easy for the young man to become a full-time caregiver.

Punsalan doesn’t regret his job, but he has said that he sometimes feels very alone because of it.

The young man is kind and does many things that take mental, physical, and emotional energy. They also show the special relationship he has with his grandmother.

Since 2014, Punsalan has shared pictures with his sweet lola. He decided to take care of her when he realized he could do it. Punsalan said this when he was asked why he wanted to take care of her:

“Everyone else was working, but I’d rather take care of grandma because she took care of me when I was young, and I don’t want to see her in home-care.”

Because of what Punsalan did, his grandma doesn’t have to spend her last winter in a home for the elderly. Instead, she can stay at home. The thoughtful grandson has taken care of her without a frown and even spoils her with hugs, kisses, and other loving actions.

Punsalan is kind to the old woman and lifts her from her wheelchair to the bed and back again with care. He has even given helpful advice to caregivers based on what he learned from taking care of his grandmother.

The video by Punsalan about a typical day in the life of a caregiver didn’t go viral until 2019. After that, people on the Internet found more of his work and saw how much he cared about his grandmother.

The young man was so happy with the huge number of responses that he started posting more online. In one, he helped his grandma celebrate her 90th birthday.

Later, it came out that his family had moved to the United States from the Philippines, where his grandmother had taught for 20 years. Since he was a child, Punsalan has been close to his Kapampangan grandmother, and their bond has only grown stronger over time.’

Many people on the Internet want to be like his hardworking grandson. Punsalan noticed that his mom was worried about how sick his grandma was.

Even for him, it was hard to see his strong, independent lola become so weak and reliant on other people. Punsalan took care of his grandmother full-time because he wanted to show her how much he loved and cared for her.

Even though it was hard at first to keep track of everything, has gotten used to everything and loves his job. He says that his grandmother is the most loving and grateful person he has ever met. She is always thanking people for their kindness.