Lionel Richie gives Olivia Soli the highest score on “American Idol” for her singing. Olivia chose to sing one of Lionel’s most popular songs, and the judge was blown away.

Olivia Soli stands in a white room where she is trying out. When the judges ask her what she plans to sing at her audition, she tells them “Hello.” Lionel is happy because it’s an old song of his.

“Well, well, well, I’m excited,” Lionel says. “I’m scared,” Olivia says. Lionel laughs and says with a warm smile, “Now I’m nervous.” As Olivia starts, the room gets quiet.

She plays a white grand piano and sings with a great soft voice and beautiful runs all the way through. During the song, Katy Perry leans over to Lionel and says, “She wants your job.”

Olivia keeps singing, and Lionel acts like he’s hitting a home run because he can’t believe how good she sounds. At the end, Olivia hits a long high note, and Lionel stands up and applauds her.

“I want to be the first person in your long career to rush the artist,” Lionel says. He runs up to her and gives her a big hug. The two singers hug each other.

Lionel says that when someone says they will sing one of the judges’ songs, he doesn’t want them to sing it exactly like they did. He wants them to put their own spin on it, and Olivia did just that. “You put Lionel Richie out of work, girl,” says Katy.